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A selfie of Andrew Leamon in a park on a sunny day.

Hi, I'm Andrew,
and I love
telling stories.

(It's KIND OF my favorite thing.)



Andrew Leamon first read the "funny papers" in the local newspaper at a young age with his grandfather. Today, he is an accomplished comics writer with many credits to his name, including FOURTHMEAL (published in the Taco Bell Quarterly), FINAL ROUND, HOPE VALLEY, and the upcoming shorts, MONOLITH and 30 MINUTES OR LESS.

Apart from his original work, he has also written for characters in popular titles and existing worlds, such as the MARSHALL'S SCHOOL OF BUSINESS backup in Image Comics' Radiant Black #22, the Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening fancomic WE THE DREAMERS as well as the upcoming CAMERA MAN series from Xander Arnot AKA XanderFlicks.

Andrew lives in Chicago where he works as a Senior Copywriter for a design agency. He studied at The Second City Training Center for Sketch Comedy Writing. When he's not writing copy or comics, he's spending too much time on social media, reading, playing whatever Nintendo game he can get his hands on, taking naps, watching anime, collecting figures and records, creating fun karaoke mashups, going to the movies, and he is probably being dragged along to the park by his good, sweet dog, as we speak.

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