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As featured in the Taco Bell Quarterly

(Vol. 4, 2022)

Story: Andrew Leamon
Art: Christopher Petersen
Layout Assists: Alexis Vivallo

In outer space, two unseen window washers clean the space station.
The window washers banter back and forth as they start to think about food.
Suddenly, a taco and burrito appear in a red sports car and invite them on a trip to Taco Bell.
They remove their suits and hop in the car for a joyride.
The car is attacked by a Crunchwrap saucer, forcing the two washers out of the car as they are left behind.
They are then chased with pitchforks by hot sauce packets for having run over a family. They pause for a drink break.
They finally arrive at the Taco Bell but it's closed and they have been dead the entire time. As spirits, they happily feast.
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