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A battle of hearts and fists in 12 pages.

Written by Andrew Leamon
Illustrated by
Fabian Lelay
Lettered by Lucas Gattoni
Edited by Claire Napier
Self Published (2022)

A highlight reel of the fight before the story begins.
Our two fighters stand off after an explosive attack from the opposing fighter, making the hero question their resolve.
The hero lashes out at the other fighter for their recklessness.
The other fighter reveals their heartbreaking backstory.
The fighter emotionally and physically attacks the hero.
The fighter stands with pride and determination.
The hero spirals into despair.
The hero is reminded of a flashback with his brother giving him a pep talk.
The hero prepares for a powerful punch as the other fighter prepares one of their own.
The two collide in a massive explosion of force.
As the dust settles, the two are still holding their resolve.
The two fighters are collapsed and the hero raises their exhausted fist in the air.

Thanks for reading!

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