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A parable in seven silent pages
Self Published (2024)

by V. Gagnon and Andrew Leamon
Edited by Christa Harader
Lettered by Buddy Beaudoin

Giant white pillar-like structures descend on the earth. A man stares out from his window blinds. The pillars open up.
At a service, a pastor preaches with angelic-looking beings behind. The man soaks in his blissful faith.
The man is being baptized by one of the angelic-looking beings in a mysterious liquid..
The man argues with unknown crowds as the angelic beings start to massacre the world.
The man is in line to ascend as the world around him burns.
From atop the pillar-like object, the man is lifted up and begins to melt.
The man becomes a flurry of liquid and the liquid splashes down.
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