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The Ask:
Promote popular Loan Officer, Shimmy Braun, in Chicago's Boystown neighborhood. I was tasked with continuing his annual viral billboard campaign featuring different local drag queen icons. These ads are targeting millennial LGBTQIA+ consumers who are looking for a mortgage lender that they can feel safe with and trust. These ads live year-round, but typically debut during Market Days, a popular LGBTQ+ festival in Chicago.

The Process:
I was encouraged to go wild and have fun with it, so I really did. I came up with fun headlines and then helped develop storyboards with different Art Directors over several years.

The Result:
These ads have been loved by everyone involved. Every billboard brings a ton of loving attention to both our Loan Officer and our featured Drag Queens. Best of all, the Drag Queen community has shown excitement towards these ads. The Chicago Tribune even did a spotlight on the 2018 ads and telling his great story.

Project type

Annual Billboard Campaign




Chicago, IL

Shimmy Billboards | Guaranteed Rate

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