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Make More, Live Better | Guaranteed Rate

Project type

Magazine Ads





The Ask:
Every month, Guaranteed Rate produces ads for the mortgage industry trade publication, The Scotsman Guide. Every month, we focus on new and exciting reasons loan officers should join Guaranteed Rate. Right around this time, we started utilizing a new customer journey (titled the "Happy Path") and I was asked to speak to what the Happy Path means for loan officers and how it benefits them.

The Process:
For this topic, I already knew exactly what I wanted to hit on. At the time, they had a really high customer satisfaction rating compared to the industry, and I knew it was a message that they weren't always hitting hard enough with loan officers. I provided an option that was just the stat, "96% of of customers love working with us." along with this one and the Executive Creative Director immediately chose this one. We wanted to say, "When you work with us, your customers will be happier and, as a result, you will get more business."

The Result:
Recruiting has been incredibly successful over the last several years in building the company. This advertisement was released nationwide during one of the highest periods of growth for the company.

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