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Bringing Mortgages Home | Guaranteed Rate

Project type

Billboard Campaign


Q1 2020


Various Locations

The Ask:
No one could have predicted what happened in 2020, but the housing market was showing a ton of opportunity for refinancing by the end of 2019. My Art Director, Maggie, and I were tasked with building a billboard campaign that encouraged younger families and single homeowners to refinance.

The Process:
We wanted to make these ads speak to the daily lives of our homeowners who might have tighter budgets. With the money saved from refinancing a mortgage, you now have more opportunities to live more. Maybe now you can afford to make room for the baby that's about to arrive. You can go on a bigger and better vacation. Maybe you can have more date nights.

The Result:
The campaign only lasted around a month or so, but it was a successful campaign for the company as refinances went up in the months before COVID.

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