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A Faster Way Home| Guaranteed Rate

Project type

Emails and Flyers



The Ask:
The housing market in 2022 was tough. Buyers were hesitant to buy and Loan Officers were fighting for every single sale. The average mortgage process takes on average 30 days, in some cases 60 days. That burns everyone out. Guaranteed Rate developed a way to get homebuyers closed incredibly fast, like closed in a matter of days. This is a huge competitive advantage for the company and I was tasked with writing emails and flyers promoting this amazing new program.

The Process:
I wanted the headlines to be bold and completely blunt in what the benefit is. The benefit sells it all. It's about speed. It speaks to every homebuyer right now.

The Result:
Based on sales numbers, this program has been a huge success for the company despite the economic downturn, and it's been huge for Loan Officers promoting this to both clients and agent partners.

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